Privacy Policy

Your personal data enables us to provide you with a custom-tailored experience when you shop at Yngrid.
Your information is always protected with us and we do our best to ensure you feel and can be secure with how we process that information.
No spam. Nothing unnecessary. And we only hold onto your data as long as needed. After that we will delete all information about you.

To handle your orders and purchases, we require the following information about you;

  • Name
  • Address, phone number and e-mail
  • Payment information and payment history
  • Information about your order (for ex: order number, product(s), delivery address, and invoice)

We do this with the legal obligation for Completion of the Purchase Agreement; without which, we would be unable to complete our transaction with you. The information is saved for 36 months, from the time both delivery and payment have been processed, for the purpose of helping you with potential complaints and returns.

If you wish to receive our newsletter, access to a variety of deals, participate in customer surveys, provide feedback, or ask a question in our customer forum, we require the following information about you;

  • Name
  • Address, phone number and/or e-mail
  • Information you personally provide (for ex: your views, feedback and the like)

We do this only upon receiving your consent during the providing of said information. Storage time can vary depending on the situation, but it always complies with the period of time specified during the giving of consent.


Delivery Service Providers
In order to fulfill the purposes of our processing of your personal information, we share your personal data with companies providing services to us, for ex: to process the sending and delivery of your items or providing certain systems. These companies can only process your personal information according to our explicit instructions and cannot use your information for any other reason.

Payment Service Providers
In order to manage payments via the site, we use various payment services. The payment service provider is responsible for their own handling of your personal information and has separate conditions which apply for them. Information regarding their conditions and handling of your personal data can be found when you choose which payment method to use on the site.